ASR on the Newsstand

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Classic Truck magazine Green With Envy...Bell's 1949 Chevy Pickup, in the October 2005 issue of Classic Trucks.

Street Rodder magazine McGary's 1939 Chevy Sedan, built up by Arizona Street Rods, in the October 2005 issue of Street Rodder.

Brown's 1932 Ford, built up by Arizona Street Rods, in the May 2004 issue of Street Rodder.

Street Rodder magazine Street Rodder magazine Kozak's '47 Pontiac, built up by Arizona Street Rods, in the January 2003 issue of Street Rodder.

Street Rod Builder magazine Arizona Street Rod customer Ron McGee's 1939 chevy two-door sedan is featured in Street Rod Builder, June 2002.

GoodGuys GoodTimes Gazette - March 2002 Arizona Street Rods built the "Truck of the Year" featured in GoodGuys GoodTimes Gazette, March 2002.

Street Rod Builders - November 2001 Arizona Street Rods shop is visited by Street Rod Builder and is featured in the November 2001 issue of their magazine.

Custom Classic Trucks - October 2001 Kimmerle's 1956 Ford Pickup is featured in the October 2001 issue of Custom Classic Trucks.

American Rodder Arizona Street Rods' customer Steve Silver's Deuce Roadster on the cover of American Rodder, May 2001.

Hotrod & Performance - Spring 2001 Hotrod & Performance - Spring 2001 Arizona Street Rods is featured both on the cover and inside of the Spring 2001 issue of Hotrod & Performance magazine with an in depth look at the man behind the business, Rod Palmer.  Rod was a featured speaker at the Hotrod & Performance trade show held earlier in the year in Louisville, KY.

American Rodder American Rodder Arizona Street Rods is a major sponsor of  the Paul Martinez / American Rodder magazine "Hot Rod Coupe" project car.  ASR installed the I-beam/hairpin/disc brake front end and will soon be applying the custom mix PM Blue paint on the body  See complete updates in the December 2000 magazine.

Roding with the Rodman in GoodGuys GoodTimes Gazette, April 2000.

Rodman Roadster featured in the March 1999 issue of Street Rodder.

Arizona Street Rods 20th Anniversary in the May 1998 issue of Street Rodder.

What Goes Around, F-100 Steering, in the April 1998 issue of Street Rodder.

Lillard's in the February 1997 issue of Classic Trucks.